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With your feet in the loose sand,

as if the earth embraces them.

You smell the salty air

the breeze gently caresses your skin.

The sun decorates the salty sea

and sway your thoughts

with the waves.

voeten in het zand
Sand in my swimsuit,

Sand in my hair.

When I go to the beach,

sand gets anywhere !

I wonder, I wonder

Oh how can there be,

Sand left at the beach

When there’s so much on me ?


Sand at the beach,

Sand at the shore.

Sand in the ocean

On the ocean floor.

Sand in the desert,

Sand on the ground.

Sand in a sandstorm

Blowing around !

Sand from rock that has

Crumbled into grains.

Sand in a sand dune

Shaped by winds and rains.

Sand on an island,

Sand in the sea.

Sand in a sandbox

For you and me !


A riddle

You can walk on this

If it’s wet or dry

You can put it in a pail

And make a pie.


What is it ?


Sand running through my fingers


Sand running through my fingers

With my eyes closed

I enjoy the sound.

Water running over my feet

Wind blowing over my belly.

Nothing more than lying here

My worries disappear in the sand.

I feel the sun on my skin

No sense of time

Just lying here

And enjoy the sand

zand door je vingers


Loose material

Swirling like water

Suffocating like air

But being neither of them


Always changing

But still the same

Everything becomes sand

In time.





By wind

To nothing, or

By man

To glass.

Vulnerable, but with

Endless variations

Bottomless possibilities

A rainbow of colors.


Hard to get


A base


Great things 

With the glass of years 

In the hand 

The sand of the future







Granular, hard


on the beach


taken away by the sea




A footstep in the sand
I take one step in the sand
And I’m getting closer.
My goal
Something what I want to achieve
What I like to do.
Still one thing here and there
And then I’m done
On to the next step….
voetstap in het zand